Ways To Buy

You can’t get any fresher than buying beer direct from the brewery. We can supply beer in a variety of size containers, so we are confident we can find the right one for you.

Bottles in a baseketBottles:

Perfect for a night in, a party or with friends at your local. Pick up a case of twelve from the brewery, or buy individually from selected stockists throughout the East of England. Not a local? Simply order from one of our online distributors. Are you a local enterprise that would like to stock part of our range of award winning ale? Get in contact, we’d love to here from you…


Gift BoxGift Box:

Running short of ideas for what to buy the beer lover in your life? Our new gift boxes are just the ticket. Choose from either 3 bottles, or 2 bottles and a logo glass (pint or 12oz Siam). Select your own choice of bottles or let us surprise you. (All bottles contain 500ml of our delicious beer). If it is a gift, we are happy to produce a voucher so the recipient can choose what they would prefer.


beer-in-bag-180-150x150Bag in a box:

A perfect solution for your next party. Holding either 18 or 36 pints, these provides a lighter, durable alternative to casks. Filled to order and available, by appointment, from the brewery. The unit is supplied with its own plastic tap to allow beer to be dispensed directly or through a pump. The one-way tap prevents the entry of air into the bag during dispensing, helping to maintain the quality of the beer.



Available in Firkins (72pints) or Pins (36 pints). Traditionally associated with pubs, these are proving increasing popular with private events. Haven’t seen Saffron Ale in your local? Ask your landlord to give us a call. If you are having a party, BBQ, sports fixture or other outdoor event, why not treat your guests to firkin or two of our fabulous ale. Delivered to your venue with everything necessary to serve the perfect pint.


Bespoke-e1434216592146Bespoke label:

Still not found that something special to set your event apart from the rest? For orders over 10 cases, you can have your own label. Perfect for large events or funding raising projects. Personalised bottles would make great wedding favours. The process is really quite simple. Give us a call, pick your beer, send us your design or logo and “Bob’s Your Uncle…”