New initiatives for Tryanuary

Tryanuary thumbnail7th Jan 2015

We are delighted to be part of the #tryanuary initiative. It has given us the opportunity to be brave and try out some of the ideas we have been kicking around. We have a limited number of 36 pint kegs available that can be filled with some of our more “crafty” beer; Saffron, Blonde, Saffron Citra or Saffron Galaxy! We also have #tryanuary tour and tasting. Whilst this is always on offer for group bookings, it’s a bit of a pain, if you don’t want to be that organised. Therefore, we are trying out a tasting evening (22nd January) with single tickets on sale. For more details contact Jem. In addition, as well as being able to buy your favourite beer in a bag in box, it will now be the opportunity to purchase a 5 little mini-keg. These are ideal to pop in the fridge for “weekend” beer. Get the great cask taste in the luxury of your own home! Alternatively, if you are a potential new trade customer, or existing and would like to try our beer, we will happily supply you with a mini cask with a discount voucher if you decide to buy a whole cask.