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Saint Clement’s – 5.1%


LIMITED EDITION: Harvest gold ale with subtle flavours of oranges and lemons. We are not currently taking payment via internet. A member of the team with be in contact to confirm details of order.  A contract is not in place until payment has been received. Free delivery within a 30 mile radius of brewery for orders over £100. Bottled beer is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Product Description

Allergens: Contains wheat and barley (gluten)

Bag in Box: All beer produced in this format is bright, i.e. does not contain sediment and therefore does not require time to settle. If stored in a cool environment, bright beer will keep for a fortnight unopened, but only 48 hours once opened.

Bottles: All our bottled beers are suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Casks: Beer can be supplied in conditioned or bright format. The former, it will require 24 hours to settle. We are able to provide taps and racks etc.